Stronger 湘南乃風

Stronger 湘南乃風


作詞:Monster Rion・Olivia Burrell・Voice Magician
作曲:Monster Rion

Yuh cyan kill wi
What nuh kill wi mek wi stronger Our story has begun
Don’t wanna lose Don’t wanna die today
There’s so much to do So much I have to say
For I am strong! Strong! Strong! That’s what we gotta be
Strong! Strong! Strong!
Just like a lion!

Growl! Growl! Growl! Growl! Growl! Hey!
Now yu ready for Rebellion Sound?!

Me and my crew, we’ve seen it in our dreams
We know what to do so let me hear you scream
We are strong! Strong! Strong!
You know we gotta be
Strong! Strong! Strong!

Wi a di (We are the) lion!
Growl!!! Hey!
Are you ready for Rebellion Sound! Yeah!